An Earthquake

earthQuake Story

Tomorrow is Sunday. I can take a rest and do whatever I want, the homework of the school I will do them tomorrow I thought to myself and I switched on the T.V and the channel 11 which was national geographic, the Nation geographic was my favorite TV channel. I usually watch it. It was showing the disasters which happened in the world, destroyed everything. It was showing a video of an earthquake by seeing the earthquake I was very much frightened and horrified in the video it was showing the people yelling and screaming with fear the earth was shacking and the thing were falling down. I think it was the video of a CCTV camera of that shop which was filming. The building falls down because of the earth quake. Suddenly the T.V becomes switched off because the electricity went due to the load sheading which is one of the biggest issues in Pakistan. For a while I sit at home and after that I started sweating because it was very hot. I went to the roof of the building to have fresh air and mostly we sleep there so, I slept. it was nearly night. It was mid night when I woke up by listening the shouts and yelling of people, everyone around me was very much frighten we all were in the roof of the building the building was of 10 floors. The building was shacking here and there like a wind blows and tree moves. It was like the same seen that was showing on the T.V .I was horrified and could not stop myself from crying and another hard shack made the 10 story building fall down and I hit on the ground very hard but luckily nothing happened to me but the building broke into pieces and all of sudden I woke up I was completely sweating and I was horrified very much. I directly took ablution and started reading holy bible and after sometimes I was a little relax and I slept this was the dream which I cannot forget my complete life.

Janne Roebs

(Alberta Canada.)

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