Fake Medicines Killing Generation

Fake medicines killing generation

“Mom! I am not feeling well today, I cannot go to school” said by Naheem. “Dear son what happened to you” asked by mom. “Nothing mom just till last night I am not feeling well as if I am sick” said by Naheem with slow voice. “OK dear, don’t go to school your father will take you to a doctor” replied by mom.

It was morning time Naheem father became ready within half hour and called  “Come Naheem I will take you to a doctor” said by father. I am coming replied by Naheem loudly. As Naheem approached to his father, his mother said “show him to a good doctor also buy the medicines”. I will show him to a qualified doctor in and I will buy the medicines.

Naheem and his father went to the doctor and show him to the doctor. However, the doctor saw Naheem and cheeked him and distribute him medicines at some time, they bought the medicines and turned back to home side.

Whatever, doctor suggested Naheem followed. Doctor had given some medicines to take at three times per day. However, at Afternoon Naheem took the medicines and went to bed, within two hours Naheem condition become worst as he was near to die. His father decided to take him in a big hospital in Panjab for treatment.

At morning they went to Panjab by an airplane. As they approached they directly went to hospital and shows Naheem to the doctor. Before starting the treatment doctor directly asked “Did you showed him any doctor before”. Father replied that “yes I showed him at Karachi hospitals.  “May I see the medicines” asked by doctor. Naheem father directly showed the medicines.

Doctor took the medicines and went to his seat and then he checked those medicines almost for ten minutes. And replied “these are fake medicines and had been date expired since 2016. Naheem is lucky that you have brought him directly in here otherwise there wasn’t any chance of survival and that’s why his condition became worst” said by doctor.

Doctor give some medicines to Naheem within two days he became fine. “Fake medicines can takes precious life of anyone. Selling fake medicines has been a source of earning money for shopkeepers. Fake medicines are killing the generation” claimed by doctor.

Dolat khan

Balochistan Pakistan


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