A Memorable Day

A memorable day
Story about A memorable day

Once I was sitting in park with my two friends Badr and Dua. We came in park for enjoyment so we were talking, laughing and eating. But suddenly a same age girl was looking us and coming towards us. “Sara did you know her”? Said by badr to me. “No, I don’t. Amusingly explained by me.So the next moment she came and set with us. “I need your help guys”. Said by girl. “Our help”? Asked by Dua. “Yep I need you guys help because I am helpless and suffering the worst situation. Before three months my parents’ accident occurred and in that accident I lost my beloved daddy and eyes of my supportable mother. You guys know that how parents are important in our lives and they are everything for their children. May Allah the almighty never shown such situations to anybody else which I am suffering”. Winningly said by innocent girl. “But dear which kind of help you need from us”? Asked by Badr. I have a little brother who is 4 years old. I didn’t have money to fulfill his needs. I am actually working dawn to dusk to earn money for my brother and mother but those money become spend in buying foods.  So till day before yesterday night my brother is crying for warm clothes he just have a one pair of cloth and now that cloth isn’t able to be wear. And till last night the coldness had been spread on his entire body by that he got a very strong fever so now I need some money for his treatment. So please guys assist me I have lost my beloved daddy and the eyes of my mom so now I really don’t want to lose my brother. For God help me”. Sobbing said by girl. So after listening her I was feeling so sorry and came to the stage of crying because of her worst condition. So then I open my pouch and took out all the money from my pouch along Dua and Badr did the same. We have given the money to her and she feels too good and become glad and her happiness tears come out and then she immediately go from there because her brother needs her urgently. In this day I feel pleasure ever I can’t express those happiness in my words. That day was a A memorable day for me. So friends never go back for helping others always go forward for helping others.
Mehrjan Sattar Shambazai
Balochistan Pakistan

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