Abysmal State Of Primary School

Abysmal state of primary school

Abysmal state of primary school, it is heart-wrenching to point out that the circumstances of primary schools in Baluchistan is grim. There is no any sort of learning. The system of education is totally unsympathetic. The situation of primary schools are worse than ever because of no proper planning in the field of education. One of the reasons of downfall in education is the poor condition of education while the government is merely relying on rhetorical promises about promoting the education sector.

According to a newspaper’s report, there are more than 12,500 primary schools across the province. The plight of these schools are even more miserable. Students are deprived of their basic rights and facilities of education. The schools lack fundamental amenities such as electricity supply, cold water, shortage of qualified teachers, classrooms, boundary walls, teaching staffs, play grounds, toilets, proper furniture and late distribution of course books. Several school’s children are forced to study under the trees and open sky in schools. It is fortune that Baluchistan government had allocated almost 140 billion rupees to the province education sector for the purpose of providing quality education and basic infrastructures to students. Unfortunately, these rupees were not spent on schools. This results in the misappropriation and wastage of funds.

It is indeed puzzling for Baluchistan that around 1.8 million children still do not attend school in the province. More than 66 percent of children quit education by the time they reach at the primary and middle school level between the ages of five and sixteen. It has become a burning issue for the department of education. Children’s illiteracy is increasing at an alarming rate owing to it, child labor is proliferating rapidly in the province. Majority of the children abandon school without fulfilling their education and do indulge in child labor as the situation of child labor is posing threats to the health and education of the children which remains a serious issue in the province.

It is no secret that Baluchistan is the most backward province of the country which is lagging behind the other provinces in the field of education. Astonishingly, merely 1.3 million are pursuing their education in an abysmal state of education sector in the region. The primary education sector must be the government’s top priority and needs to be brought up to modern educational standards. There is a pressing need of assuring standard education in primary schools for the betterment of child’s education. The provincial government should make efforts to promote the children’s illiteracy proportion and launch a campaign to set out enrolling kids in educational institutions.

Education is the backbone for the progress and growth of any nation. It plays a paramount role in any child’s life. The provincial education minister should concentrate on the education and take revolutionary steps to illuminate their future through the provision of quality education among children. Education authorities are requested to take pragmatic steps in order to give access to basic educational facilities to primary schools of the province.


Abdul Mannan Baloch

Balochistan, Pakistan

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