Acid Violence In Pakistan

Acid violence in Pakistan

It is known fact that, Acid violence is a world-wide phenomenon, which leaves the survivor in permanent agony mostly because of disfigurement of the face or blindness. In fact, Pakistan is among countries where acid crimes occur disturbingly regularly.
According to the Pakistan chapter of Acid Survivors Foundation (ASF) that, over 1,200 cases of acid crimes have been reported in the country since 2007, and about 140 cases a year but 2014 was the worst year ever with over 210 cases were reported. The Data on reported acid crimes shows a major failure of the Criminal Justice System in Pakistan. Besides socio-economic reasons, this situation can be attributed to the ineffectiveness and failure of the Criminal Justice System (CJS). Lacunas in laws and loopholes in the system aggravate the situation and the failure of CJS has accorded impunity to punishment of influential criminals in Pakistan. The majority of acid victims are women that, the acid crimes against women are an example where access to justice for survivors or heirs of victims is not guaranteed.

The poor and marginalized have become ever more vulnerable, bad evidence clearly shows that the most of cases the influential and the rich use money to avoid punishment, which compoundable nature of the offences has resulted in a loophole in access to justice to the poor and marginalized victims/survivors of acid crimes. According to National Commission on the Status of Women (NCSW) Chairman that there is need of a comprehensive law, which in addition to curbing acid crimes must regulate the sale of corrosive sub-stances.

So, the victims of acid people need immediate special medical treatment; the authorities must help them through the treatment. The government and concerned authorities must take such a serious step to the eradication of acid crimes in Pakistan.

Shakeel Phullan
Turbat Balochistan Pakistan

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