Agriculture The Source Of Development In Economy

Agriculture the source of development in economy

Pakistan is among those developing countries whose economy largely depends on the agriculture sector having the highest contribution towards the GDP (Gross Domestic Product). In the historical perspective agriculture has only been considered to the production of essential foods an item which however in the modernized context is quite differently gauged. Agriculture said to be including forestry, dairy fruit cultivation beef keeping mushroom as well as production processing promotion and distribution of agricultural products.

Calling agriculture the most essential element of the economic prosperity of Pakistan world is accurate owning to its provision of the raw materials not only the industrial sector but also to the radiation of poverty in the country. Agriculture has contributed 19.8% to the GDP being the largest sector superior to other all sectors by far the largest employer absorbing 42.3 percent of the county’s total labor force. There would no escaping from the reality that agriculture is the bake bone of Pakistan economy being the source of living. Secondly it is important to mention the prime contributions of the agriculture to the provision of food items and leaders. The day to day requirement of the living are met with the livestock. Either it is milk of cows or rice and to add the most significant element of the agriculture is highest contribution towards the export of Pakistan to many countries the products like sugar, tea, rice, tobacco, coffee are largely exported which regarding the impacted of balance of payment and building the legion exchange of Pakistan.

Nevertheless, the agriculture sector progression is reliant on favorable weather conditions. There is a study affiliation between agriculture and climate temperature precipitation floods and aspect of weather that lineally distress economic enactment comprising agriculture precaution, commodity prices and lineally economic growth. The nascent glitches of national food security and climate Change have shifted the policy locus globally towards the expansion of agriculture sector during past few years. The extraordinary impending of this sector in earning valuable foreign exchange has been prominently grasped through tapping the potential in value addition sectors. Pakistan agriculture community consists of small farmers having various limitation in their day to day farming practice that have been into the fact that per yield level in Pakistan.

No doubt agriculture is the most essential component in the economic prosperity thereby; the government must be focusing on improving agriculture productivity by increasing crops yield.



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