Always Be Motivated

Always be motivated

Mum! I have done my homework, my teacher always praises me that I am a talented student and sharp among the other students in the class.

“I have lots of knowledge about you my dear son before I told you that you are talented” exclaimed Amir’s mother.

Mum! But I am still in deep water about myself because my teacher praises me as if there is no one who can do these activities which are being done by me. I am ashamed that by bogus praise of my teacher, while my teacher is parsing me, my other classmates can be disappointed as well as they feel that “we are less than Amir who is talented, we are dull in front of our teacher”. Said Amir disappointedly.

“My dear chum, teachers always do such work on purpose. Because by these kinds of words other students would be motivated. Even though, they work harder than before because teachers know how a student does his work in a proper manner and that’s why sometimes teacher would be compelled to utter such bitter words for the purpose of  bringing up those students who are just sitting in front of the class without performing any task well. “Said Amir’s mother.

Next day” I entered the class room I saw a student with a book who are completely busy with the reading of book where our teacher gave a lesson for learning by heart. When I saw him I became shocked that he was quarrelsome and a rude student in the class as well as I couldn’t believe in my eyes and I was totally observing what my mother said about teachers plan in improving dull students in the level of those students who are able to read. Like the same, other students were studying in an appreciated manner as well as change came in the class by the bitter words which were told by the teacher” Amir told his mother about the class activities after coming from school.

While midterm exam was being started so, all students were well prepared about exam and completely ready for that.

A teacher told the students “come in the examination hall for giving paper”, they all went to the examination hall. When papers started, the students who were before totally dependent with other in the time of exam, so they got question paper with the time limit of 2 hours.
They finished papers within an hour. All teachers were shocked that dull students gave paper so early. It was first time the act was done in the school. The entire students plus teachers used to start thinking about them and passing negative and positive comments.

After some days, results were announced and the dull students scored breathtaking marks.
Amir was so happy by the performance of his classmates who made a record. While Amir was sharing the theme of exam in front of his mother. So, his mother’s tear shredded on the same time.

His mother said to his son” dear my lovely son everyone considered these dull students nothing but they are something”. “It is true that they are weak at the beginning but by motivation they would be so much good when a teacher starts praising students and they would be motivated by the words of any teachers; my dear so your teacher did the act deliberately” exclaimed Amirs mother.

Teacher’s wished was done because they all teachers checked their papers they all became confuse who should be first position now as they all are extremely good and  principal was on the sky by such achievements and conducted a program for the students. At the beginning the teacher of their class was called on the stage.

Principal asked to him” what you did with them they considered as dull students before.”

Teacher said that” I didn’t do anything I just realize them you can do. As well as I praise a student in front of them for the purpose of motivation so they proved.”

All students were called on stage, they hugged his teacher cried.

When Amir came at home shared each and everything with his mother.

Mother of him said that teachers know every student’s mind and they always think about other not only one.

Amir Badeer

Balochistan Pakistan

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