Appreciate Yourself

Appreciate yourself

I was fuming when I listen Sara’s name in the stage. Sara is one of my topper classmates. I didn’t listen my name in the stage. We all classmates actually taken part in writing competition where just three students get selected “Me, Sara and Due” but unfortunately one student will be the best writer and that student become Sara. I was feeling evil when I viewed Sara in the stage in taking the prize. After this I couldn’t be capable to stand there and listen more praises about Sara. I immediately went out from school and went to my room and there I began crying for at least two hours. I didn’t find myself enable to talk with my parents but suddenly at the lunch time mom came from office and entered in my room. ” I knew you hadn’t won the competition today but for such a simple thing you must not make yourself worried my princess” peacefully said by mom. ” I  am amuse mom that I have work very hard for this competition and also I surely said to my all friends that I won the competition but I didn’t know they will make  fun of me” emotionally explained by me.” My little princess all the time we plane the things according to our own but doesn’t mean they must according to our planes. Sometimes they get change and sometimes we face the failure but it may be good for us and facing failure may bring a something unique in our lives and you actually must be glad that you have got a opportunity to be the part of this competition and you must be thankful to Allah the almighty who provided you this great opportunity because there were also more students in your class but you were the luckiest one because you have been selected for this. So you must be happy” tranquility suggested by mom. “But mom I just have been selected but Sara won it. So selecting is nothing. I am not enabling in study mom I am not enable…”winningly said by me. “my dear you should appreciate yourself you have did much. Think about your talent and abilities you had got a lot. Realize my princess you did much and if you will keep your hardworking same so soon you fulfill your sweet dreams. But the most essential thing is that you should appreciate yourself and you’re hardworking. If you will appreciate yourself by your own so in the other days people will appreciate you” sensibly said by mom. Mom suggestions open eyes and then I promise to mom that I will appreciate myself by little things. So friends if we appreciate ourselves by little things so we never be worried and will be happy and will be enable to fulfill our aims calmly.


Mehrjan Sattar

Balochistan Pakistan

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