Can Education Give Us Everything?

Can education give us everything

While last night I was doing my assignment, I remembered the words of my beloved teacher (Monis Ali Baloch) “does education give us everything?” First I was lost in deep thought after some minutes I came to know yeah education gives us everything. While I was busy with thoughts my father sat foot in my room and asked me, “What have you studied in your 10th class and have you done your assignments?”

I responded that I had done my homework but I am deeming weather education can give us everything or not.
” let’s go to my room and discuss about it”, said my father calmly.
So I was reading the book (On Education) I closed the book and went in my father’s room.

“Come sit near me Munaj”, said my father. While we both were sitting in the room and he asked me,” What is education, my son do you know?”

Education means to get knowledge and information regarding the world and its happening, Education is the key to success, I said proudly.
“What did your class teachers told about education?” Asked my father to me.

In that time I remembered my best school teacher Sir Monis Ali’s words he asked us the same statement in our 9th class.

He told us,” Education is not all about studying and getting breathtaking marks. It is really a mean to discover new things which we don’t know about and it increases our knowledge. Educated persons have the ability to differentiate between right and wrong. And also know the responsibilities of a society. A person becomes perfect with education as he is not only gaining something from it, but also contributing to the growth of a nation, and education is an inner light from which we can make the whole world shine.”

“Great! My son that is the meaning of education we get knowledge to know the difference between good and bad, adore and abode, loyalty and disloyalty and many more.”Can education give us everything

During the discussion about education my younger brother entered the room gladly and said, “Hurrah! Papa (Abba) I have gotten a Gold Medal, 5000 thousand rupees, two books and our principal also talked about me on the stage that I am the most  cunning student in the class and  also the principal told me that from now on, your fees are free.”

“Excellent, Siraj Jan you have brightened the name of mine and also this family, I am proud of you” my father explained these words delightedly.

From that day on, I got that education can give us everything like happiness, sadness, money, gifts and many more. If we really want something to get it through education then Willy inly we achieve them.


Munaj Gul Baloch

Balochistan Pakistan

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