No Family Counseling In Pakistan

No family counseling in Pakistan

Proper family planning is the actual need of any country for its economic stability and use of power, curbing overcrowding. As the high rate of child birth contributes to the increasing troubles in low income communities.
The grim consequences of pregnancies and unsafe abortions in Pakistan often echo as a usual practice because of poor family planning. The conservative norms of societies restrict the women to take appropriate decision of having children in ease at the right time. Neither are the authorized to comment when they should have children nor bestowed to ponder how many. Ironically, the first demand of husbands always remain a boy, figuring girl a loss. Given the dynamics of Shame in the country, some cover the birth of girls up with the veils of embarrassment, other lead to termination. As per the recent report of family planning association of Pakistan, there are 900,000 termination every year in the country and the back street abortions are obsessively palpable. The report of population Research Institute claims, over 1.2 million female fetuses were aborted in the years between 2000 and 2014.

This echoing figure not only speaks the state’s failure on sexual and reproductive health care but also raises an unsafe environment for women grabbing their lives.
Proper family planning is a comprehensive tool to help women come out of the menace that out country needs to strengthen. The lady heath workers play a pivotal role in spreading awareness regarding family counselling or some reliable methods of contraception may help decrease the prevalence of unsafe abortions. The rural areas of the country suffer largely because of being unperceptive to such technical knowledge or the other reasons can be their ignorance regarding the reproductive rights of women.

Mashreen Hameed
Balochistan Pakistan

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