Real Happiness Lies in Good Deeds

Real Happiness Lies in Good Deeds

Once upon a time there lived a very beautiful and kind-hearted princess, namely Sahira. Her blackish hair, whitish face and roundish eyes turned her fairy-like. She was the apple of her parents’ eyes, her parents, took enough care about her. The but daughter of them. They fed her with great love and affection. But the princess despite having all privileges and luxuries of life usually found herself in a state unhappy. She neither found happiness in her sky-touching place nor in expensive clothes and delicious food. Her humdrum and unhappy state of life made her so much tense that in the midst of even the largest crowds, psychologically she found herself alone. Similarly, the days of the princess were clouded and nights sleepless; the mind thought nothing except how to tackle what she was confronting. In addition, to get herself tranquillized and her life normalized, she went for the conduct of concerts and programs in which many jolly actors and actresses partook and did their utmost to happily the princess, but all in vain, as the performance of the jokers, drummers, singers and other all ultimately failed to cause signs of happiness in the princess’ life. Afterwards, people around the princess, including her parents, were observing that she was slightly getting thinner and more pessimistic. And the princess herself was completely getting fed up with her boring life, too. Furthermore, one day for the quest of happiness the princess left for an errand –in the world of poor-towards a village far from her palace. Soon after four hours, the princess with her servants peacefully arrived at the intended village. Additionally, as soon as she, the princess, got in the narrow streets of the village in question, at first, her eyes caught hold of a little poor girl who was having feet, but without shoes and head with no scarf. By observing the miserable and difficult living condition of the helpless villager, tears, in no time, started shedding from the watery eyes of the soft-hearted princess, and at the same time she took out some dear pairs of clothes along with a handsome amount of money for passing on the one standing in front of her. After the needy girl received the aforementioned things from the princess, her face turned smiley and eyes optimistic. Tears of happiness were, too, running downwards from her eyes through the cheeks. To see this, the princess not only wiped up her tears, but also pated and consoled her with great love and sympathy. And it was the activity from which she got what she had been in search of throughout her life, means happiness. It was the day on which the princess got the cognizance where the real happiness laid. So, from that day onward the princess kept aiding needy people around her, and then always lived happy and peaceful.

Abdul Wahab

Balochistan Pakistan

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