You Can Be a Writer (Reference)

You can be a Writer (Reference)


 This is with the reference of the storyYou Can be a writer by Shakeel Phullan (16th of July 2017). I really appreciate the brilliant efforts of the writer for writing such a lesson able story for the students to work hard in order to achieve their choices whatever they have planned to be in their future. In fact, everyone has dreams to get success but sometimes the talented classmates can’t support the weaker students in study and instead of motivating them they make them disappointed that they can’t do anything because of their weak memories. It pains me to say that the students who had got sharp memories are not ready to help the weaker students in our society.

So, it is really a wrong culture to leave the weaker students in difficulties and not supporting them to get their destinations. I humbly request the all students to be supportive and create an everlasting culture to help the one who had got weaker memories.

Nadia Nazir Ahmed

Balochistan Pakistan

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