You Can Be a Writer

You can be writer

Waseem was the dullest student in his class. He always thought that life is too much difficult for me to live it happily and it is full of ups and downs with many hardships. He thought that life is just for those who have sharp memories, gifted by the God. As being a very weak student who had a big desire to be an attractive writer in his life.

He was a very hard worker and a serious student in his class and never did any absenteeism during the class. He tried his level best to perform like the other sharper students in his class but unluckily he was failed to be like them. Since, he had a very weak memory which didn’t support him to be like the others students in his class. He straggled a lot in studying to get success in his life and for it once he had made a plan to do something new which would help him to get success. So, he had planned to ask the teachers to give him extra time after finishing the period, the teachers have accepted his decision for demanding extra time. Whenever he didn’t get something during the class then directly he asked the teachers for making his concept clear. The teachers cleared each and every thing to him and given some tips about the improvement of his writing skill. The teachers said that writing just needs more practice every day if you really love to be a writer then you need to sacrifice on writing. The teachers were too much glad to see his activeness for achieving his destination. They have appreciated and encouraged him to work hard in order to fulfill his attractive desire to be a best writer in his life. The next day was Thursday and every week on Thursday there is a drill of one period, and it was the period of drill and all of his classmates went outside for playing and eating. But, Waseem didn’t go outside and he practiced his writing skill for being a writer because, his teachers had told him that if you really want to be a writer then you need to work hard and practice you’re writing every day. Therefore he didn’t want to waste his time outside with friends.

There was a group of his classmates who were good at studying and got sharper memories, when the teachers taught something they directly got the lesson. Waseem wanted to be with them in order to make great partners for studying but they were not ready to make him to be their partner, because he was a dull student and they don’t want such students to be with them. Even many times he was scolded by his classmates to not be together with us and we don’t want weak students to be with us. Once he asked the senior students about the improvement of the writing skill then they have made the fun of him and said that, “you can never be a writer and try to not give yourself a headache with studying and practicing your writing. Writing is not for weak students rather it is for us. It is not an easy task that you want to be a writer rather it needs several hard works and practices.”

The next day during the recess time, suddenly his classmates saw him with an English teacher in a classroom where both were busy with discussing. They were completely shocked to see Waseem with a senior teacher. Waseem didn’t talk about his plan with them. Therefore the all of them were not in the know that he is giving more efforts on his studies and practicing his writing skill.

After recess, a senior classmate asked Waseem, “Hi Waseemo! What were you doing with Sir Hamad during the recess time?”

“You already know that I am very weak at studies, especially in writing that is my choice to be a writer in my life. So, for it Sir is guiding me for achieving my goal.”  Said Waseem with a poor voice.

“Dear poor Waseem! I always said to you that writing is not an easy task and it is not for the weak students like you and you are an unlucky person with a weak memory which was gifted by Allah the Almighty. So, you have selected a wrong choice to be a writer. Writing is not for you and it is impossible for you to achieve your goal in your life.”  Said his classmate with a big laugh and ran away.

Once again Waseem was much disappointed when he heard his classmate’s words. He thought that without luck it is impossible to get my destination and it is not the correct choice to be a writer in my life.

The next day Waseem shared yesterday’s incidents with his teacher then the teacher didn’t agree with his classmate’s point of views and said.

“Dear Waseem Jan! Actually in life success does not depend on luck, success is just like a choice which is completely in your own hands. No one was born to be a writer rather it was their own desire to be writers in their lives. For achieving the desire one needs to work hard to fulfill it. You can be a writer, because that is your right desire, be confident in yourself and believe that you have the power to be a writer. In fact, nothing is impossible rather you just need to continue your efforts in order to get success in your life. All people have got the right skills which is just that we need to use it in the right way at the right place. Many of us face difficulties and discouragement from time to time, but there are ways that how we handle them. Mostly we end up with an insight or an ability to inspire which comes only from the shape of hardships. Actually, there are no any losers with God rather some winners just take longer development in their lives and our life is simply a reflection of our actions. You need to continue practicing your writing skill every day and I am alive to guide everyone to be aware the real purpose of their lives.”   Sir Hamad explained them in a great way.

Listening the magic words of his teacher Waseem realized that without luck we can achieve anything in this world.  He continued his efforts every day and didn’t quite a step a back and the boy’s failures never kept him from trying, whose hard work was rejected again and again, but step by step he improved his writing skill and practiced it in a tremendous way. After five months practice he has got his main destination and became a marvelous writer in his life.

 Shakeel Phullan


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