An Unforgettable day

An unforgettable day

Awais come upstairs, we have seen the crescents of Eid-al-Adha while I reached upstairs my siblings were hugging each other and I heard the usual hustle and bustle in our neighborhood. I took my siblings went outside met with my school friends. We all children were happy and they said that tomorrow they’ll wear new suits with the new shoes. My all cronies went to the nearby shop and started buying the ink and have thrown that ink on our clothes happily.

We were celebrating the Eid Eve like every year that we set off for the celebration and entertainment. It was almost 11:55 I took my siblings and left for my room to iron the clothes, because in the morning at 7;30 we will go to the Musjid for offering the Eid’s prayer.

As the next day arrived, we took a bath and ablution too. My father called me that let’s go to the nearby Musjid, so after we returned from the prayers. Then all the kids, boys and old men gathered outside of the Musjid and started hugging each other enthusiastically to forgive their compete mistakes which they have done so for.

After meeting with my teachers and friends once again my father called me to go home. While we went home there we celebrated Eid with my family members. We took the breakfast collectively. After the breakfast my father started sacrificing the sheep.

When the meats of the sheep was ready I took a small piece and fried while, I was frying the meat a small boy approximately 12 to 10 came to me and said.

Awais, “Can you ask your father to give me a small piece of meat? In our home we had not had sheep to be sacrificed in the name of Allah, because we are poor and my siblings want to eat meat today you know that Eid is the best day for everyone but especially for us due to the Eid we get meat for eating on other days people are unaware about us “, said the small boy disappointedly.

At that time I also saw more children who were my younger brother’s friends came to us. They seemed well-dressed and well-fed, obviously from well-to-do families and passing their lives happily, with no care in the world. While the small boy looked his dirty and smirch clothes which were torn clothes and had patches on the elbow where different fabric had been sewn on to replace material that worn away. I become very sad on the 1st day of Eid people are wearing new clothes but poor children are begging food door to door. While I saw this condition my heart could not bear the pains of the paupers, directly I went in the kitchen and gave two big pieces of meats to the boy with1000 rupees which I had.

While we sit for the eating of the Eid’s meat, I shared all the things with my family members which happened with me.

” As Eid is a day of splendiferous rewards as like our ancestors did in maintaining peace and So, when you are celebrating both Eids then keep trying to know the importance of the Eid, because hunger and thirst makes us realize the obstacles of the paupers and poor who aren’t lucky as us! You can make the days of Eid more valuable by sharing your blessings with these children. The extra things you keep on for shopping, don’t forget your nearby poor kids who need a comfortable life like you people and these can make Eid happier and brighter,” said my beloved mother to us.

From that day on, we promised wholeheartedly to practice Eid with full emotions and to tackle the plight of the poverty and child laborers in our surrounding.
Barbara de Angelis once said,
“Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. They bless the one who receives them, and they bless you, the giver.”
So let’s assist others because wherever there is a human being, there is an opportunity for a kindness and our love give courage to the needy children to live peacefully and cheerfully.


Munaj Gul Baloch

Balochistan Pakistan

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