Baloch The Victim Of Drugs

Baloch The Victim Of Drugs

Today I am compile to put my pen down to write about Baloch who are the victim of drugs that how Baloch are effected in the habit of using drugs.

For sure we all know that when someone become disappointed then he goes for using drugs. Unfortunately in Balochistan there is lake of employment and if we talk about education so for poor family it is hard to get education because education is too much expensive so a poor family can’t afford to get education. They are compile to use drugs and finish their lives. Using Drugs is just like committing suicide, now a question arise that how to control this issue? And many people know in some places of Balochistan such as Turbat where drugs are being sold like candies. The massive issue is that no one is ready to take action against of those who are selling drugs, destroying lives and society. It is awkward for me to say that our government is blind to see this issue. If I talk about police, the work of police is to stop such kind of things, but sorry to say they are corrupted because they are getting money from the people who are selling drugs so how they will take action about this issue.

My Request is that please take action about this issue before your families get effected in the addiction of drugs.

Baloch Dukthar

Balochistan Pakistan

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