Ban Of 4G In Turbat

Ban of 4g in turbat

Recently the companies of software’s opened a data which was so fast in Pakistan and given the name of 4G which only ‘means’ fourth generation. However, it was the only data which worked by 4G mobiles. Same way, the data software was running in Turbat very fast and citizen could communicate with each other.

But it hurts to hear that till last five months there is not 4G internet in Turbat. It was the only support of the young students to read their course book online at every time. Pasni and gwadar is not deprived of this but Turbat is. According to the authorities it has been banded for examinations but exams finished but still turbat people deprived of this facility and some are giving statements that the system is out of control. So yet the positive result is not coming out from authorities.
So, as being a student it is a suggestion to the consulted authorities to take a serious step to solve the 4G data problem.

Naseema PB
Baluchistan, Pakistan

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