Begging a growing business in Pakistan

Begging a growing business in Pakistan

The men, children and women are begging at all hours of the day in Pakistan. Now days it is became a trend. The place of working who are earning by begging. Even though in Islam it is not allowed to beg but unfortunately being a Muslim who are not following the rules and regulations of Islam. Begging is a sin. They don’t support their family members and an addict husband who does not work. They force their women and children to go for begging or earn money for them. Actually in Pakistan it is become a profession and business. In the same way, children are being kidnapped by begging gangs. Number children are missing due this case. They trained the kids and send them for begging. At last, the government should take a serious action against begging gangs.

Alijan Dilwash

Pakistan Balochistan



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