Children Rights

Children Rights

It is well known fact that children are the sun light of any country and it is the responsibility of every state to protect every child to bring in to the mainstream the term of high quality education in this model era. But the state of Pakistan is completely failed to bring the children in to the mainstream to make available the basic rights to the children who are being disregarded in their poor vices are not being hard by the government of Pakistan. It disappointed me to highlights that, millions of children are facing several types of social problem in the type of child labor, child marriage and child abuse and they are being required to do unlawful works by some of illegal organization of Pakistan. Due to these bad activities children are being loss. From the past few years Pakistan is having very serious issues which destroy the economy of our country. Among these child labor is one of the major issues in Pakistan. According to international labor organization ( ILO) child labor can be defined these words during the early age a child start doing works as a small age a child do work too hard as known as child labor. It is the biggest dream of every parent that their children have the basic needs of life. Moreover, it is the rights of every child to enjoy their life, without doing hard work.

No doubt, in Pakistan more than 50 percent of marriages are solemnized before the age of 18, are mostly of girls. The rate of child marriage is rising in Pakistan mostly in rural areas incidence in Bal

Bochistan in particular which is an illegal act. It threatens the lives of rights who go under the threat of improved risk of violence abuse health problem diseases and early death.  According to a report came in Dawn newspaper which was shown 67 million of girls anguish from the threat of underage marriages all over the world and in Pakistan 35 percent of females become mothers before the age of 18. In our society one another issue is rising a girl who is less than 14 years old gets marred with an over age man its means 50 years old man. It is sad to point out that, the small children are being the losses of many types of problem and they are completely being unseen by the hand of government and most of them they field of education which is the right way for the nation can grow when the nation develop they  would be success. Recently, in Pakistan where thousands of children were died because due to without food in Tharparker district of Sindh.

For the ending point I would be thankful to the current government of Pakistan to take some serious steps regarding this painful issue which is creating many problems, and it is the high time of Pakistan to do something for the upcoming generation. Since the children are the bright future of every state without state how these kind of problem can be solve?

A big action is needed to be taken by the hand of concerned authorities to stop the dangerous issue in order to save their lives. The Chief justice of Balochistan High Court is requested to take big action to provide finds at the disposal of the district of Balochistan.

Adnan Dost

Balochistan Pakistan

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