Forest play on important role in the development of a country. They are considering as natural resources. According to the experts, forests should cover at least 25% of the total area are of a country, but unfortunately in Pakistan 4.5% of the total area is covered with forests. Deforestation is a main environmental concern in the world. Deforestation includes the cutting down burning and destructing of Forest. It is the first link in a chain of environment degradation to includes erosion climate changes air pollution and loss of hard wood and fuel wood.

The forests are being cut down at a petrifying rate to supply man with number timber pasture land, and farm land. The outcome of such human activities is deforestation the world’s most valuable environment is being ruined. Plants and animals life is gradually finishing as the natural habit is being affected. Pakistan is not self-sufficient in wood based products and spends billions of rupees on import of wood and wood based products. Pakistan forest resources are shrinking at a rate of one percent which will have dreadful effects on the people of Pakistan.

Main causes of this large scale deforestation in Pakistan

Sprawling growth of cities has converted forest into cities thus losing the forest or decrease in forest area. According to some sources around 32% people of Pakistan live in urban areas and if the current growth rate if urban nation is kept Pakistan Urbana’s population will surpass the rural one by 2030. Building of road in order to the far flung areas has also caused deforestation especially in areas of kohistan and northern areas.

The increase in of industrial products has also caused

Deforestation as most of the industries require wood as their fuel. Wood industries such as hard wood and safety match box play wood etc. have also played their part in deforestation.

Overgrazing of land costs have converted subtropical and tropical thorn forest areas into deserts.

The effects of deforestation can be devastating. Deforestation can erosion. When an area is cleared the soil under the surface is essentially stripped off the roots that provided it structural integrity and support. Without this support the force of water, gravity, or both can cause the land to move, either as one piece or more commonly steadily and incrementally.

Deforestation is a severe environmental destruction which cannot be revived if damaged at current rate. People cut down trees to meet out their own need without considering future outcome. They don’t recognize about the damage they are doing. The deforestation affects the plant life. People have general impression that if trees and plants are cut down, they will grow back in a few years. Plants will ultimately grow back but the forests will be changed into a secondary forest and may never be the same. If preventive measure is not taken immediately to stop the process of deforestation humans will be under the grip of severe crisis. They may lose animals, plants and there are great possibilities for fatal diseases which could severely harm the mankind. We must join hands to work out a plan that is appropriate for the environment.

Shahdur Aslam 

Balochistan Pakistan


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