Diabetes effect

Diabetes effect

Diabetes a deadly disease is growing smoothly in our country. Since, recently conducted survey has revealed that every fourth Pakistani over the age of 20 is suffering from diabetes. However, survey which had a sample size of 8,000 and also claimed that 19 percent of Patients were never documented because they never visit government facility and 7pc were not aware that they diabetes. Dialectologist Dr Asmat Nawaz told that according to world health organization recommendation at least 8,000 tests should be conducted during every survey. If it would remain some like, it can bring a great impact on us. In addition, around 26 percent of people over the age of 20 were on the diabetes borderline, which mean they can be a very serious lose against our nation. It is kindly requested to our government to use serious step against harsh diseases.

Asif Hakeem

Pakistan Balochistan


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