Father’s Sacrifice is always Remarkable

Father’s Sacrifice is always Remarkable

In a village, there lived a boy named Arman with his father. They both were very kind, loved and cared each other. They were not rich enough in fact, they couldn’t possess their time meal. But never complains to the life’s circumstance and always faced the music. Further, his father worked in a field as a farmer and had the desire to second his son at school, show him the right path and must get a prosperous name in his life. He worked day and right and sent his son at school for getting education. Moreover, the son also moved heaven and earth in his study. When the son saw his father such conditions, he tried harder. He spend his time by doing his assignment and prepared for his takes. Once, his father fell done and get injured while working in his field but still didn’t stop working because he wanted to give his son all his needs and a peaceful life. He himself didn’t get enough food but didn’t let his son to suffer from hanger. Nevertheless, his son completed his study, did his medical and got the seat of doctor. He got his all requirement and happiness. But as –ill-luck would have it, by seeing his position and status, he didn’t care his old father, insulted him and went to make his own life good. He did marry and had the name withes for his own son as his father desired for him. But his son didn’t care for him. Arman wanted to make his son’s life peaceful and give him all the happiness. One day, his own son insulted him inform his friends, he could not expect there from his son. Then Arman remembered his own acts. He realized what pain his father got owing to his acts as now he himself was suffering from the same conditions. Beside these, he went to his father and apologized. That status, respect he had, was all due to his father’s sacrifice. Finally, this is what father’s sacrifice is the greatest which takes very child from darkness to light and leads them to come out smelling like a rose.

Mehnaz Ali jan

Balochistan Pakistan

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