Media Is It Ascendancy

media ascendancy

Firstly, I must say to something regard media that what itself is? Media is tern which is derived from medium, which means carrier or more. Means it is the item which is known to send the messages from one person to another. Further, media has tremendous importance in our lives. Its main importance is to provide the gathered information’s from all over the world. In fact, it is the source of giving information, education and entertainment. There are various kinds of media, print media electronic media and many more.

Furthermore, diachronic media runs from batteries and centricity which includes radio, television and internet. And print media is the typed or printed and written from of media which includes newspapers, magazines, books and etc. Interesting, it differs many purposes, such as entertainment awarding ad about the news, current affairs, political awareness, education and many more. And media is renowned owing to its purposes, are entertaining people, depicting us the news and current affairs making us aware about the politics and assisting us in our education.

Moreover, if we take the example of student and businessmen, they are getting lots of benefits from these. Businessman are selling the products owing to media power. And they are possessing huge amount of money for marketing of their produces. On the other hand, it is helping us means, the students in many ways. As the presence of books, we won’t be in the dark about the circumstances and news. Now people are in the known about each and everything all due to media. It tells us about the weather, condition, the floods, cyclones and many other major issues.

In addition, it is regularly noticed that the students who can be active, smart, a writer and a speaker, when he/she possess awareness about the entire world’s situation, personalities (Biography) and whatever is going on, these all must be known to a student. Then a student can dream for a perfect future. As students are the builder of a nation or a country. So, when they are aware about the situation of their nation’s people, a new hope gets place in their hearts, they go for supporting them when they are in hot water.

Besides this, when they listen or see a new problem then they can take action through their writing letters. And a great number of student had brought change in their writing, speaking power, as well as. Likewise, they start off loving and caring the one who is helpless. In this regard humanity gets remain in them. Most importantly, in past students could not take books, they could get education. Because those were too much expensive, they couldn’t afford them. But now in modern era all are in-touch with social, electronic and print medias so, that whatever they want they can get the things easily.

In conclusion remarks I want to say that, every person’s must be in-teach with media and it will belt the new generations for their future. So, now it is depends on our thinking, that how must use it. And get the benefits from it to know the way of living our lives.

Mahanaz Ali Jan

Balochistan Pakistan

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