Muslims And Science

Muslim scientists

Undoubtedly, this reality may never be hidden that, firstly, science was discovered by Muslims scientists.                                                                     Actually, basically Muslim scientists were considered the father of science named by jabber-bin-yan Yaqoob ban Hasaq, and so on. But hence forth, today if we walk towards for locating Muslims scientists then we might find, hardly. Two or three Muslim scientists. Approximately, out of 100 sole 2 or 3 Muslims are include as scientists. Then let me ask what may be reason. Then I myself mention the reason that’s why Muslims scientists are in backward in each aspect. Because of, if any inventors got discovered then without observe ring Experimenting or showing their affects, they ignored them, for example, airplane showing the equality of Allah the Almighty,. Taking picture machines are making human face expect Allah the Almighty no one is having any power to make human pictures therefore Muslims scientists are  backward. No doubt in Quran Pak Allah the Almighty himself is expressing that, I have given you decorum, sapience knowledge and mind in which manner you use it. It, depends upon you. But unluckily, due to their believe their concept now inside of development they are in backwards now all Muslim scientists should ignore these concepts and living behind to get great achievements in science theories.

Altaz Sheer

Balochistan Pakistan

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