Neglected Suicide

Neglected suicide

Being successful and unsuccessful has become one of the aspects of our lives. In game according to the rules we win or lost. Similarly, in exam failure and passing is a part. There are several students who work hard and try their best to get what they want but unfortunately, some succeed and some fail. The ones who fail get hurt badly and even some students commit suicide which destroys their lives and also the lives of the ones who care about them or love them. Thus, countless such causes are there in universities and colleges where the students committed suicide due to the exam result or the pressure which they got by the teachers or parents. Years before a student committed suicide in Punjab University in girls hostel the reason is still unknown. Since these are the suicides which are being neglected by the government what I think there is an essential reason but all suicide causes they just need proper attention and inquiry which only the government authorities can do. The purpose that the government should pay proper attention toward the issue. So that next time no one should think of leaving their beloved ones or committing suicide.

Altaz  Sheer

Balochistan Pakistan


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