Never Give Up

Never give up

  Ones a time a boy was living in a small city named Rajid and he was so much interested to go for higher education but unfortunately he was belonging to a middle class family. Most interesting thing is that he never become disappointed for this reason that he is son of a poor man as well as he never talk with his father that he wants to go for  higher education.

He had passed 8th class in his native place with brilliant marks and after the result he told his father that “he wants to go for higher education.” His father become so much happy when he listen that my son took a great step for him.

His father said that “it is a really brilliant decision, I will do my level best to support you and it is my advice for you never be disappointed when failures come in way of your destination, most important thing is that never give up at any rate.”

In night he slept early as a result he woke up early in the morning, he pecked all those things which were needed such as clothes, books and others those naturals which are mostly used on daily bases and left the home by saying that “one day I will be back with my goal.” His father believe that he will get the goal because he is so much serious with his study, his parents said with joyfully that “may Allah the almighty makes you successful in your life.”

When he reached the place where he wanted to go, he was so much happy that his dream is going to be fulfill, he did those all things which are require for admission than he wanted to find good friends for him.

Next day he woke up tern his face toward school when he reached school in same time he saw a boy who was sitting under the tree reading a book he went there by saying “good morning” and that boy reply “good morning” and then they started taking with each other, Firstly that boy asked him “will you introduce yourself?” Rajid said “I am Rajid, I am belonging to a poor family and I come here for education”, as well as Rajid asked him the same question and he introduced himself, in main time the bell ring. Both went for attending their classes, the first day went nicely for samad because he made a friend who is so much serious with study.

Rajad study was going smoothly in main time a bad accident took place samad’s life in shape of lasting his father in the duration the 9th exam when he became aware that his father left this cruel world by his mother and his mother told him to “comeback” but he did not want go and he did the same. During the exam he was in tension as a result he fail the exam but he did not become disappointed because he still remember the advice of his father that failure is first step of success and never give up.
Again he maintain his hard work, he take the exam of  Matric and he did his all papers so nicely and knew that he will pass the exam with good marks.
After finishing his exam he say to his friend Samad that “I am going my home, I will be back very soon and also inform me about my result.”
After 2 year duration he back to his home after reaching home his mother saw the shining face of his son she become so much happy and hug him by saying that “your father left us.”

Time went smoothly after some days he becomes aware that he passes his exam with brilliant marks he is one of the tope’s student in his school as well as one of topes student from his country.

Most interesting thing is that due to his hard work he a got a great opportunity in shape of a scaler ship for completing his dream. He told his mother about this news, his mother become so much happy because she was directly seeing the bright future of his son and told him that “it is the key of your first success and you need to do your level best and maintain your hard work time is not to much far for getting your distance. He went for it because still the advice of his father was present in his mind never give up as a result he become a famous, a well-known personality and his dream come in reality.


Muhammad Bakhtiyar
Balochistan Pakistan


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