The Old Man And The Sea Book Review

The old Man and the Sea Book Review

This is the story of an old man Santiago and Endurance, confidence, hope, defeats and courage. This is also the story of touching relationship between the old man and the young boy. The main charades in the Novel are.

Santiago: the old fisherman. Manolin: the young boy Santiago’s closest friend. The Marlin: the biggest fish ever caught in the Gulf. Los Galanos: are hunting sharks that who destroy the marlin. There is some more characters nut they are not important to be mention. The young were too much close to him. So he said to the old man that I will fish with you I will come in your boat.The old man said no you’re in a lucky boat and your father also doesn’t allow you.

The time came to go in sea. So the old man went in and going time he was given two tunas by the young boy. In sea he found a big fish. That was too much big and that was also graceful and he decides to kill that fish that was about forty pounds and the old man start his mission. He made lines that fish was under or near his boat and his mission continued two three days and nights went but he didn’t sleep and he was too much sleepy.

He was a strange old man he was too much confident and his shoulders were too much string and during his mission many time his hands were cut  and he many time field many time his lines broke but he try again and again and succeed only to lose. Finally after great efforts he killed the fish. He was sad to kill. That fish because he loved that fish but he have to prove himself that I am a strange old man and this fish will feed many people.

The fish was dear and now was in front of him. And the fish blood went in deep water and misfortune of old man the hungry sharks smelled the fish blood and came fusty the swim too much fusty. Before their entire the weather changed and different sounds were coming.

They attack on fish the old man defeat them he killed many sharks but he lost the battle against the sharks. The sharks destroy his precious fish. He wished many things to this fish and the fish became destroy. But still the old man doesn’t lose heart because he knew that he got the courage to try and try again and he done his best. But we will early lose our confident and if a big work will be there so we will think that this is impossible and we can’t do this and gave up before doing the work. And he also said after he lost the battle that a man death a man can be destroyed but no defeated.

As someone, said that if you win you can lead. If you lose you can guide and all tine it’s not impossible to win the main thing is that we should do our best and make ourselves more able.

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Mahain Assa
Balochistan Pakistan
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