Role of Sukkur IBA University in Pakistan

Role IBA Sukkur

 Sukkur IBA is a top class business university in Pakistan which provides quality education to Pakistani’s students with ample light of fact, sukkur which is considered to be a rural area of Sindh owing to Sukkur institute of Business Administration University so the city is fame all over Pakistan. On the other hand Sukkur IBA has many programs of study which are unique and demanded fields in markets for instance BBA, BS Math, BE and lot more. Most importantly ii is providing scholarships to destitute students of Pakistan who cannot afford quality addition it has incredible relations with top companies and universities of Pakistan and aboard. According to research in Sukkur IBA 75% students are reading through scholarships. I am feeling like millions bugs to be  a student of Sukkur IBA university  through the best full funded scholarship of OGDLC and NTHP 2017 in fact more than 300 students are selected for this Scholarship and they are studying in Sukkur IBA freely. Lastly, Thousands Appreciations are less for Sukkur IBA family for their hard work and no doubt Sukkur IBA is playing the best role in educational sector of Pakistan.

By Naveed Taj

Sindh Pakistan

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