Tragedy of Parachinar


If we get the annuals of history flip, we would get a lot of circumstances require to be sorted out. But owing to number of arguments it remained unsolved.

The incident of Parachinar was such an incident that made all the civilians of that area compel to wail with bleeding tears. The incident is the reason which made numerous minds alert by raising questions in it, as the incident proved that there is not any importance of precious lives in the hands of official workers. Parachinar itself is known to be a small area of Khyber Pakthunkwa that is attached with the border of Afghanistan through Khyber Pass. The Paracrine civilians belong to two sects namely Sunni and Shai. From the era of prophets till today these two sects are the reasons of their enmity that always create clashes in them. Like the deplorable instance is when the Sunni in the Khana-e-khaba were doing their prayers so at the same time Shai get their entrance in the holy pilgrimage and martyred them with swords. Parachinar at the starting seemed in the problem with regard to the safety and protection of people. In the last week of Ramazan it faced two bomb blasts at the same day which took away 72 lives and made 250 causalities which they need to confront for their live times. These blasts occurred when people were in the enthusiasm of eid shopping and eagerly waiting for it. But this waiting soon got the conversion for the lifetime. Shockingly, the media plus the government didn’t provide any enormity to the situation and remained it out of the box. But the voices of people touched the sky when after eid another blast took place. So this blast made its civilians vows to raise their voices and go for the strikes and sit-ins in order to get the concern of the government to sort out the matter. These sit-ins and strikes were held in Ramazan as well as after but so far no any proper action has not taken its existence. The matter came to the worst when at the time of the strike one of the responsible official order to the other officials to do firing. And in this worst attitude of government 16 people were killed innocently. But so far no authority has taken any action against awful and illicit business of such official’s. To my surprise; the strikes that were carried out by people were peaceful ones with flag of Pakistan. But such ignorant actions of government can be the reason of great civil conflicts.

So it remains the government highest source of accountability to encounter the culprit’s involved in such lawful acts and get them the highest so as to gain the faith of those sufferers of Parachinar. And as well it can be one of the successions to avoid the both sects fighting in upcoming time.


Fatima A.Ghafoor

Balochistan Pakistan


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