Unemployment in Balochistan

unemployment in Balochistan.

Actually, it a massive issue which is spinning in my mind I don`t know where to start and where to end, where to write, where to mention, where to throw my words and where to put my pen because there is no denying the fact that the little of my letter is unemployment in Balochistan. Really the title compelled me to pen down something about unemployment. Unemployment is a very big and serious problem of our country unemployment causes so many big problems. Such as, crime, drugs, finical issue. Unemployment cannot be finish so easily. Government has to play a vital role to solve this problem government should take some sensible steps to resolve this issue government must create a lot of opportunities. To sum up, government must also encourage the private sector to will decrease the unemployment rate and many of our young generation will be able to develop properly.

Saima Ghulam

Balochistan Pakistan

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