Viciousness On Women

Viciousness on women

Domestic violence seems to be the worst quagmire of crimes of society where women rights are violated. Domestic violence affects the lives of people physically and mentally and leaves thousands of wounds to their mind and body. It was proved that in every one second in Pakistan a woman is the victim of violation. It rises between 21pc and 50pc. Domestic violence has risen from 21pc to 50pc and studies proved by experts showed that 97.7 health problems and 77pc has highly confronted sexual abuses. The violations of women directly influence our systems violently damaging immune systems, growth system, and reproductive system and development of digestive system. Furthermore, According to a major research Pakistan is the third most dangerous country for the women in the world. The women highly recognized as the lack of fundamental rights, recognition, and reputation of their own .The Punjab protection of women against violence act 2016, first legislation in Pakistan to get its own organizations to vanish violence against women. More importantly, the UN women Pakistan country representative Jamshed kazi estimations portrayed that in past few months the cases of violence against women swiftly flourishes and increases with daily basis. Unfortunately, if we flip the annals of history we can get the awareness of the cruelties that remain their fates by mounting of their lives.

Such an example that made me wail thousands of times and compelled me to roll down my tears over my cheeks. The case remain the fate of one of my cousin as well a great friend of mine nearly 40 days elder than me and 19 years old met the hardships of life and the violence of in-laws . This case occurred before some months with her owing to what she tired of committing suicide but fortunately, she was rescued. She was the girl who was married when she was in the 7th class and now has two daughters. In the starting days of her marriage she was indulged in the worst behavior of her in-laws and in season out of season suffered destructively. But before somedays the viciousness reached the highest peak. She seemed tortured on common issues. The issue was too much common that she went to one of the a”Meena Bazaar”of Turbat which was conducted by FC for the sake of women’s enjoyment. She went there when she came back after some days we heard the news of her committing suicide. The only reason of her suicide was that she spent some of the time with her friends. More surprisingly, when she was rescued from this act luckily so instead of consoling her she was slapped by one of her aunt that why she didn’t pass away. Don’t women have their own rights of their decisions? Don’t females have the right to be self-independent?? Don’t we have the right to have some of our simple wishes?? Was she sinful that she fulfilled of her small wishes of celebrating her day with her friends. A number of questions always click my mind with numerous deplorable confusions that made me think we women are the creature of Allah to bear the aggressive and dubious behavior and attitudes of people. The flowery and mysterious nature of manhood remains grim for the women. The girl only suffered due to the violence of her own family. The utter family didn’t bother to take her back home and made her suffer more. If you couldn’t get her protected from enormous hazards of wounds, you would have let her died. Because that would remain more suitable for her and no more she would be capable with these suicidal and illicit acts. Dignified families highly think that if they got their daughter home back, it would affect her relation. But what remained for her in that effected relation if that relation had compelled her to commit suicides. As far my concern the girl remains bearing the all sufferings owing to the vulnerabilities of the girl’s family. If the girl’s family could take an action against the issue, the in-laws of the girl wouldn’t get the dance to torture anymore.

Wrapping the discussion up, I would love to tell the world to be a supporter of their girls instead of providing a hand to let her suffer more. And each family of boy’s before making a girl victim of their viciousness should a little bit think that they are as well parents of daughters. Tomorrow their daughters can be trapped of such cruelties.

Ghafoor, Mekuran

Balochistan Pakistan

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