Water protection

Water Protection

Increasingly Pakistan is walking towards the crisis of water because here alongside of agriculture also for domestic and industry present water is being finished increasingly. According to reporters in 2025 our country Pakistan is going to lose a great and huge percentage of water. If it will sustain likewise then definitely at last it will remain nothing for future generation. I avoid this, famine, the best method is to conserve the water and we ought to use it in an accurate way. But conversely having the decorum, still without reason water is being wasted. Furthermore, largely places of Pakistan cause of not purring the water almost each year one lack and of various morbidities. Such as, Malaria, Chekengunya and so on for saving the water government and administration should play a respective role towards this issue. And administration should combine with industrialists to establish filter plants in factories and industries. So that in all places it would provide pure water.

Altaz Sheer

Balochistan Pakistan

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