An Incomplete Desire

An Incomplete Desire

Once, there lived a happy family with the parents and a daughter, in peaceful days and life. No, any problem had the power to come near them to vanish their happiness. Despite being too poor they could adjust with a little salary, educating their daughter and tried to provide her the best knowledge. Sara, the name of the daughter, was too good with her parents and never displeased her parents.

During the school life, she had a desire of her parents to be fulfilled. She wanted to be a teacher but her other classmates could not believe in her, in case of being poor. Even her own class teacher demotivated her that she could not get her desire fulfilled.  Instead, her best friend who had believed in her and granted her the best in every step that Sara took in the field of education.

Soon she entered the maturity and in the college life after getting high marks in matriculation. She was still having her desire to get her destination and achieve her goal. There she had new friends and classmates but she did not have a friend like that she had in her school. They were also demotivating Sara that she cannot accomplish her desire. In all directions, she was demotivated and did not get a wish for being a teacher. She was finally, disappointed in completing her desire.

At a time she met her best friend at her home with having a discussion in their home. There Sara felt sorry to her parents that she cannot fulfill her desire. Sara best friend replied, “Don’t be a worry, my friend, you had worked dawn to dust to make your parents admire that you could do something for them”. Sara said, “Why do people demotivate me? Just because I am poor, in fact, there is no need of being rich instead the work is with the knowledge that I am having in my mind”. For consoling Sara, her father exclaimed, “You have done everything to make us happy. We had a desire which you were accomplishing it with great joy. You did whatever we said to you and you never hurt us”. Further, Sara’s best friend explained, “In most parts of the world, when a girl is born her wings are clipped, she is not able to fly. This is the same with you that you are unable to fly and reach your goal, as your hopes are burnt”.

The frustration of this failure made Sara very disappointed and she had never thought of that desire which was completely burnt by the wrong judging of people. She ignored the desire and lived with her parents peacefully and completed her higher education to get the way of building her character, behavior, and personality towards her parents and elder people. Her desire was taken out of her mind by herself. Thus, the desire of being a teacher was known as an incomplete desire forever.


Fida Zaman 

Balochistan Pakistan


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