Blue Whale

Blue Whall Game

It gives me pleasure to say that technology is playing a vital role in the 21st century.Also, technology made our lives easier to get something easily. On the other hand, technology also puts our lives in dire consequences. now-a-days
Which is the shape of a game? I mean Online games like Ludo Star, Candy Crush, and Pokemon Go Adventure are trending in Pakistan. However, amidst all these fun and entertaining games, there is one that poses a serious threat as well, called ‘Blue Whale’. Or the death of life.
No doubt, this game has taken the Internet by storm not only in South Asia but also in almost 20 other countries around the globe. Whale Challenge is a game in which the participant is given a task on daily basis, which the person is expected to complete within a period of 50 days. A group of administrators asks participants to share photos of the challenges completed by them. The final task generally is committing suicide. Daily tasks include things like listening to certain genres of music, waking up at odd hours, watching a horror movie, among others. Subsequently, nature of tasks starts to become bloody and dangerous. In likewise, According to a Russian newspaper, this game is responsible for a total 130 suicides globally. The most vulnerable group for this game is teenagers, who love to play and socialize online. If the players refuse to follow the list, they are threatened them terribly. So please don’t play this game.
Thus, the parents and teachers are
Requested to warn teenagers about this game as different teenage suicide cases have been recorded in every country.

Noor Bakhsh

Pakistan Balochistan


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