Cruel classmates

Cruel classmates

When I joined my 5th class at High school Teertage I had many class fellows but Aslam and Javid were cruel students and selfish, they never did their homework themselves whatever the teacher gave for homework they assigned me to do those at home but teacher, I was unaware that they were not doing it at home rather assigning Ahmed Shah, I was small I couldn’t inform teacher because they threatened me if you inform teacher we will beat you, all the time they joked at me too, I was compelled to keep mystery from my teacher and parents, but loved to read and I was afraid that if I told  to teacher or parents they would scold them after that  Javid and Aslam hurt me more and beat me, so I couldn’t tell just waited for justice of Allah the Almighty, when 5th annual exam was near they stole my two notebooks of two subjects English and Islamiat .  I took one of my class fellows notebook and wrote all Questions and answers for exam preparation, With blessing of Allah the Almighty I passed my 5th exam in marvelous numbers and they just passed, so I was again sad that before I was thinking Javid and Aslam  are not working hard they will be fail and can’t be afforded to come in 6th class but they  passed annual exam, I must bear again cruelty of them this year too. In our school after 5th cow education starts from 6th, at first day of 6th class Javid and Aslam fought with me for desk place in front of girls to make me ashamed in front of them, so I was small I couldn’t tell them anything just kept patient and lived in my place, but everyone knew that Javid and Aslam are not good students so they are here to disturb others. After four months Javid went to Karachi without taking permission from teacher and Aslam was here, it is said that “Allah catches cruel persons as they can’t imagine” teacher was teaching suddenly, he saw a Lizard light which children plays,  from backside to on blackboard, teacher’s eyes sight got light and turn his face to all student and asked to everyone but all were silent because they were afraid of Aslam that after the class he beats us as well girls were silent too, so I broke my silence I told the Teacher that this light was with Aslam and this is not the first day he is always doing like this, not first time today he is doing such bad activities in the class to disturb students but we are afraid of him maybe after you he beats us, so teacher took Aslam to office and called me, I told all story of Javid and Aslam to all staff of my school, so principal disqualified they both from school, after them we enjoyed reading with heart and soul.

Ahmed Shah

Balochistan Pakistan

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