Cruel stepmother

Cruel stepmother

Once upon a time, there lived a family in peace. In sudden, destruction came in their lives as Shazia’s mother passed away in case of a paralysis. Her mother death disturbed the education of Shazia. After all, Shazia’s father did his second marriage and they had almost seven children and ignored Shazia. Shazia was falling in darkness as her step mother loved her own children, so Shazia’s father did so. Every night Shazia wept and remembered the days of her mother when alive. No one was good for her even she had to survive without food. Shazia was the girl who always showed good manner, and was simply honest, and helpful. She took her own decisions and spent more time on that what made her understand what was available to her. Her stepmother always puts burdens on her. Although, there was nothing to recover her actions. Once her stepmother went out to a marriage while Shazia carried all burdens. To not to take her, Shazia’s stepmother left some burdens on her. Shazia soon got from that and wished to go to the place where her stepmother went. She was highly respected in that place when she appeared there. Above all, after reaching the home then she soon turned into her old shape, carrying the burdens. Shazia grew up and became responsible and she did what she wanted to do. But she could not join herself with her family and could not have a relationship with them. Lastly, she could even fulfill her dream and desire even her family was against of her decision but she still got successful in being a great doctor offering her best time to it. It was her family who even got themselves treated by Shazia freely but her family did not have any interest in her. Shazia mind was full of thoughts that still her family is largely not with her. After realizing that Shazia was a bright star in their family and was famous just cause of her goodness. They started to live with Shazia in the peace movements and went back to that family like that when Shazia’s mother was alive. A new cute relationship started a new way to live peacefully.


Fida Zaman 

Pakistan Balochistan

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