Early marriage

Child marriage

It is clear with everyone that children are the future of any nation to lead the nation towards peace and advancement. But is really hearts to mentioned that in our society girl are being married at the age 12 to 14 which Islam doesn`t allow. Likewise recently a report came that in India a 10 years old girl born a baby.

Early marriage is a curse of our society. So that it causes many social problems. It can affect the girl health that is under age and still she is ready mentally and physically which is dangerous for a small girl. Likewise, she can face serious problems while pregnant period mother and child life can be in danger, if they are not mature so they can`t take good decisions about their studies might destroy these marriages are arranged may be they will not accept their relationship when they get adult. Lastly it is my humble request, to all parents that they should not force their girls to marry at small age.

Shari M. Ali

Balochistan Pakistan 

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