Educational woes of Turbat

Educational woes of Turbat

Education plays a key role in the social and economic development of a country. However educational system in Turbat offers a glimpses image. Education in Pakistan generally and in Baluchistan particularly shows an irreparable opportunity in the pursuit of freedom, equal rights, and justice. The educational system is contaminated with lack of facilities and seriousness of effective teaching staff. The disturbing statistics point out a worrisome picture of educational dismay. It indicates so much so that 103 schools have no shelter and 53 schools are nonfunctional. It further highlights that a greater gruesome role is played by the teachers that outburst that more than 300 school teachers are chronically absent and alternate teachers have been placed to add fuel to the already worrisome student woes. More interestingly is the failure of the available basic facilities in more than 400 schools and availability of science teachers in rural areas which have raised the drop out the ratio of students. Importantly the catching attitude of an educational department in upgrading schools and initiating high classes on time have equally made students suffer the most.

Hence, it is high time, truly accountable and responsible representatives pay heed to the problems and show untutored love for reshaping educational woes in Turbat.



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