Girls in Baluchistan

Girls in Baluchistan

Girls are the main part of every nation that they play their outstanding role in the development of a country. But unfortunately, girls are the victim of the name of honor-due to which the girls are uncivilized and uneducated the development of every country or nation the well civilized and educated girls were intruded. But the Baloch girls are uneducated and therefore the Baluchistan or Baloch nation had not developed yet. Because the girls are ignored and equate of nothing. In fact, they are not allowed to do something for their nation, by the name of honor the Baloch girls are not allowed to go out of their homes. This is what is being done for the Baloch people so the government must not ignore them, the government should provide education system to each town of Baluchistan.

Balach Raza

Baluchistan Pakistan


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