A lost childhood

A lost childhood

On the half way to school, I and my friends observed a little girl watching the school going children and tear crawling on her cheek. She was lying on the surface of roadside under the worst condition. She used to be a maid in the house and even attached herself to beg for daily survival. She aspired to education, but she was carrying burdens as she was in search of better living conditions.

Just after the school got off, I and my friends saw that little girl again in front of our school gate and were begging. She came near us and said, “Give me some money since I am hungry and have nothing to eat”. We gave whatever we had and she turned away.

Incessantly, she came to our school gate and begged for money. For know, I asked her, “What were the circumstances that forced her to suffer like this? She replied while tear began to come out of her eyes, “Her parents passed away in an accident when she got born. She had no one and now no one who cares for her and in the night she had to sleep with his aunt and uncle. But they do not even feed and force me to beg and earn a living by my own help. So I prefer to beg or work as a maid in some houses. She unwillingly lost her parents and siblings and it was a time of great loss”.

I became disappointed that why no one do cares for each other? Even though childhood is based on pleasures and it is the main time to live peacefully with friends, sharing the feelings and doing enjoyable activities. We are getting what we need to enjoy our lives but we are not about to share them with others. Almost we are proud for being independent in our childhood and found pleasure in any enjoyable thing.

Child, like her, would be desperate with hunger and poverty as she got something she rolled over. Just as one could not help, but completely notice that she had a big dream. Suffering from poverty or not having anyone for supporting lead to such circumstances. Most of the people suffering from poverty are unable to reach the fundamental rights like education, healthcare and much more. Humanity is totally lost. It was just an entire lost childhood.


Fida Zaman 

Balochistan Pakistan


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