Love for Education

Love for Education

One day Hamid said to his father that he wanted to quit his education and wanted to work as a mechanic. Since education needs a lot of money that you too are jobless and cannot afford the expensive fee of his education. The father said, “Don’t quit your education since I am alive so I will work dawn to dusk to make you successful. If today you will quit education than you would be different from me and don’t leave the education ever as without it you are a blind man in your life, due to education we know the difference between good and bad”. And from that day he had started his education, his love of education let him never to be far from the education. After some years he accomplished his matric with good numbers and wanted to go another city and took admission in the medical college and prepare for medical test after 4 years preparation. he got his seat of being a doctor. When he reached his own home being a professional person he thanked his own father for understanding the true meaning of life and to boot his father appreciated his son for getting the seat of medical. Generally, his own family members became happy for getting a successful life for him. He was merely the one person in his family or his generation who achieved the main target of him and they became very surprised that how less committed person became a professional person. Despite being too poor how he became successful with competing others. And how a person becomes a great person that whose father belonged to a poor person. After the passage of time people became aware that due to hard work and love for reading he became an amazing personality. Since education was not made for rich people, in fact, it is the right of both poor and rich, who will be seen in the same level of education. After some years he had made many people perfect in his town and they too became aware that how hard work plays a vital role for achieving the target of them.

Moral: Don’t leave your education regarding poverty since it is only the source that helps you to eradicate the poverty itself. 


Fida Zaman 

Balochistan Pakistan 

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