Nature and Human beings

Nature and Human beings

Human beings have been deriving benefits from nature to fulfill their needs all of the things which are seen on the earth are just for the purpose of human that they should live their life without difficulties.

Nature is seen all around us as the example of an ant on the land also a whale in the ocean, human have discovered much from nature and maybe many are remaining as God mentions in Holy Quran and whatever I made is for the man.

If we have a look beyond our normal life than to the nature and the universe than we can see abundant of things which are only made for the human, if a fruit as the name of an apple on the tree, an animal as the name of goat or a fish in the sea all is for the benefits of the human as food.

Human has gradually changed their life from the dark age to this modern era by the help of nature where we can take the example of the airplane which idea came in the mind of human from the birds and many other inventions were made for the comforts of human by the help of nature.

Bakhtyar Manzoor Ahmed

Balochistan Pakistan


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