A responsible student

A responsible student

Jawad, the best and the responsible student of the year. It is impossible”, said Sajid. “The reality is something different, how could he change himself soon”? uttered the best friend of Sajid, Wahab who was too against of Jawad. “Reminiscing the old days of Jawad, before he was irresponsible and did not even fulfilled his duties properly”, said Sameer sitting on the bench beside Sajid. “Can you not guess”, queried Jawad greatly excited. The discussion was continued for a half hour between Jawad and Sajid with his friends. Jawad repeatedly said, “It is just because of hard work that always pays the best results”.

In evening Jawad’s best friend Zeeshan met with him and greeted him with best wishes for listening to the best news from Jawad. Zeeshan even could not believe that Jawad could be the best. Jawad’s best friend claimed that “Jawad being the responsible and best student, you need to understand your responsibilities and duties that are needed to prove you more responsible”. After reaching home at night, following the path towards his room, he entered the room and closed it. Jawad thinking clearly that being responsible will not pay the best results, in fact, it will reflect more duties on him. “Just calm down and do whatever you want indeed, being irresponsible on the doing works on time”, said Jawad to himself.

Jawad had his own plan to avoid the duties and did whatever he wanted. Though he was showing his responsibility to his school teachers and students Sajid with his friends are in doubt and found this an easy step to replace himself in place of Jawad in next year.  Jawad was not aware of the outcomes of this act but relating this to his life, he wanted to enjoy being the best student and top in the school. Even though he reported to the administrator of the school that he is doing his duties properly and on the time, but being aware of his irresponsibility, they knew he was lying to them. This because of Sajid who complained to the principle of school about Jawad and his irresponsibility.

It was a nice Sunday when Sajid said to Jawad for a meeting in the park in the morning. As soon they reached the park, Sajid exclaimed with great joys, “Dear, Jawad, don’t be happy, next year, I am going to take your place”. “Stop dreaming of it. Next year I am again going to be the best student of the year”, cried Jawad.  “Why? Can I not be the best and responsible, in fact, I was very responsible in this year? That is you who was not fulfilling his duties properly. As I have complained to the principle about each and everything you have done while we could notice that but not others”, said Sajid with being energetic.

Jawad passed through deep thoughts and realized his mistake that he committed. As he left an easy way for Sajid to own it. But it was too late that for him that before he received the credits of being a responsible turned into the irresponsible student. Now Sajid proved himself the best and responsible student of the year, leaving Jawad behind who was ashamed of himself. Jawad smiles at Sajid for being the responsible student but he was crying in his heart. At last, Sajid repeated a great sentence nicely to Jawad, “This is all because of hard work and trying which reflects the best outcomes in life.


Fida Zaman 

Pakistan Balochistan 


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