The Love of a mother

The Love of a mother

Once a boy named Yahya was living in a small village with his mother and siblings.
He was an idle young boy aged 23 his mother told him, “go outside to find a job for yourself to earn money for our livelihood”. He belonged to a poor class family and unoccupied boy did not want to bother himself for working to boost his family incomes. He was just passing his days without doing anything and didn’t want to work for earning money.

His mother was compelled to work in other neighboring houses to earn money to buy food for the living and send her children to school for gaining the education. As she was an aged woman due to oldness she was not able to work properly but (necessity is the mother of invention) as that age she worked hard to earn money for her children that they should pass a better way of life. Yahya does nothing and demanded money from his mother so she was the mother that a mother adores her children more than her own-self and gives money to her son.

When Yahya became 28 years old got married after his marriage he left his mother and went to a big city to pass his life in a better way. So his mother became disappointed in her life because she was very old living with her daughters lonely in that antique village but she boldly faced a lot of troubles and torments in her life due to poverty and not having a man to earn money to fulfill their fundamental needs of their lives.

Yahya was settled there and got a job he was passing a splendiferous life with his wife and children he did not see his mother for many years and didn’t want to go that village to meet with his siblings and beloved mother.
One day Yahya was crossing the road suddenly a truck hit him after the accident he lost his both eyes and there was no one to give him one eye to live and see this awesome world and may not be dependent on others.

After three months his mother becomes aware that her child is blind and lost his both eyes didn’t bear this bad news and went to her child’s house to give her both eyes to Yahya and she remarked that ” you must have informed me before”. So Yahya’s mother was ready to give her both eyes to her child and the doctor did the operation after the treatment Yahya became fine and realized that mother is the only one who adores her children very much. In this outstanding world there is no one like a mother, so love your mothers rather than your own self. As there were many people but no one was ready to give even one eye, she was the mother who gave her both eyes to her son because of love. Be proud of your moms and lovely mommy
you are the only future of your children.

Munaj Gul Baloch
Turbat, Balochistan

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