Women are the Bright of a Nation

Women are the Bright of a Nation

The fragrance of rose, sign of innocence, an angle of love and name of sacrifice.These have their appearances because of a unique element that as known as a woman who sacrifices her whole life for providing protection and feeding the generation of the nation and gives the loaf of their mouths to make them healthy rather proceed the development of a nation.

Women are considered to be the building blocks of a nation who carries out its construction.When the world was created the basic need was to create the world, thus, Bibi Hawa proved it.Women are the source to change the common living into a gigantic survival with a major role.

The word “woman” is surrounded but its beautification of the world around this character and have the capacity to bear all difficulties, hazards for their accountability, But hard to claim that they always confront victimization and criticized in the world as they are being violated by our so-called and male-dominated society.Its impacts range from sexual, physical and mental consequences for women including death.

Violence against women has several negative effects on women and their families.

Women are thought to be very vulnerable in a society where they are suffering from the supremacy of men.

They are tremendous in each field, But violence has made them absences in particular places where their presence is a must.

Violence is high on nationally and internationally and such conditions have brought limitations and excess of safety and justice for them.

It is really shocking that the Dover of actions are unpunished and problems are unsolved, and women are lagging behind even they should be considered the same.And Pakistan known to be the third worst country where the fight for women rights remain static 90pc of women are under violence in which some are murdered, some are abducted and rape and some commit suicide because of the warm of violence and it is sad that 55pc of girls are deprived of going to school as well 35pc of girls are married before 16 and they are being victimized daily .

Women are suffering from a huge amount of deprivation.Each year, rather go some steps forward, they are being pushed two more steps back word and situation are getting bad to worst day by day.

Having much of evidence and glance towards worst conditions proved and tell that Pakistan is one of the dangerous countries for women and their rights.

The violence against women is increasing on daily basis and yet no expectation of change.The increasing violence is known to be unemployment, brutalization of society, gender based violence, early marriage, honor killing and education which have made women the worse generation of the world and causing backwardness for them and government is silent to cope with these issues.

A country with its five provinces has bad for women and Balochistan known to be the worst.There is no systematic legislation and there is lack of proper laws to overcome from the evils of the society.Although ,women have almost done their best in each field such as, religion, government, family or any other status ,But still they are being neglected, deprived and being blessed with insufficient resources which are increasing the illiteracy rate of girls and authorities are showing unsatisfactory works towards them which as a result show disadvantages for women’s lives .Thus, the women of Pakistan require high concentration to build their good status in workplaces as well as in their lives.And authorities must work to stop domestic violence and cases of honor killing which scores 2000 death during a couple of years and end the disappearances of women in essential places as should work for the eradication of such bloody violence.

Dolat khan

Baluchistan Pakistan

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