Youth in Grave Consequence

Youth in Grave Consequence

Pakistan, the land of pure which was famous for bravery, but unfortunately it hurts me to mention that in the world she is being considered to be the center of terrorists, every day in every festival, occasion, there is a surprise of bomb blast with a horror gift of dead bodies, hardship, and sorrows, but in the black and dark clouds, I can see the sun waiting to shine; in the dark night also I can see the stars, the purpose to mention this is behind the oppressed and victimized situation, there are optimistic and talented youths who hope for a bright day.

A huge confidence in their hearts a smile on their faces, an aim in their mind, a thirst of achievement in their eyes, and a belief in their intention, but a great and huge need of support.

Moreover, if we open the golden page of our past so we will come to know that in Pakistan such kind of talents has been found which were great achievements for Pakistan such as Afra Kareem who invented a software at the age of 18, and was a symbol of talent. Malala fought against terrorists, was a symbol of bravery. Abdul Sattar Edhi helped others and was a symbol of humanity, Khalida Baloch in a small age made an organization and was internationally awarded was the symbol of perfection, but unfortunately, many talented students are not being motivated and that’s the reason that Pakistan is counted underdeveloped country.

If she will arrange some policies, programs, opportunities, so I believe she will cross the other nations and can get success, so I request the government to improve opportunities and give golden chances to its youth.

Shay Sanya Molabaksh

Balochistan Pakistan

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