AIDS in Pakistan

AIDS in Pakistan thousand of People

Pakistan is one of the highest ranks of the country of AIDS in the world. Aids are such a disease which attacks the ability of a boy to resist infection. According to a report, during this year, 39 thousands patients of AIDS increased in Pakistan. Moreover, one lakh 32 thousand people are affected, in overall Pakistan, likely, In Punjab 60, in Sindh 52, in KPK 11, in Balochistan 3 and in Islamabad 6 thousand people are suffering from this fatal disease. However, the causes of AIDS are a transfusion of unscreened blood, using a drug and unprotected sex. Although it is a serious matter, it should be highlighted internationally.

So I request the healthcare organizations and international communities to eradicate AIDS worldwide. 

Pullan Chakar 
Baluchistan Pakistan 
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