Alzheimer’s in Pakistan

Alzheimers in Pakistan

Alzheimer’s is a kind of dementia which causes, issues of memory, effects the thinking power and changes the behavior of the person.

Besides this, 2million people are suffering from Alzheimer’s in Pakistan. According to the health experts, 7 percent people age of 65 and 15 more than 15 percent at age of 75 affected and every three seconds a person falls in it.  Although it’s treatable, if it is not cured on time, it becomes the cause of death, also one of six major reasons of death it is.

Moreover, it is estimated, by 2050 over 50 million people would have effected. So I request the Government of Pakistan and world health organization to start campaign and diagnosis to illuminate this unbearable disease.

Pullan Chakar  Turbat Kech 

Baluchistan Pakistan


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