Appalling Condition of Koshk School

Koshk School

Koshk is the area of Kech District which has a governmental school and 100 of students go for reading there but the condition of school is this that there are four or five teachers who do not know a single thing but still they are teaching and getting their salaries there is no rule and regulation at 10 O’clock students go to school and 11 o’clock again they are at home.

Furthermore, it staggers me to mention that due to these teachers students’ lives are being spoiled and they are playing with the future of students. The ones who are lavish their children are reading in private schools but the destitute people’s children lives are being destroyed because they can’t afford the fee of private schools and government schools condition is this. So here we easily can say that poor people are not having future but the main thing is that no action is being taken against these teachers who are getting their salaries but not giving duties the ones who are teaching there themselves don’t know a single thing.

In Koshk this school is opened students are going but they don’t know a single thing. The complete year they go to school but their notebooks are empty nothing is written in it just students time and future is being wasted.

At last it’s my humble request to the chief minister of Balochistan Sardar Sanaullah Zehri and concerned authorities that in this school good teachers should be provided and against those teachers action should be taken who are not giving their duties and against those teachers who are in school they don’t know a single thing instead of guiding and teaching they are destroying the lives of students.


Tahira Shoukat

Balochistan Pakistan

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