Cause of Backwardness in Agriculture Sector

Cause of Backwardness in Agriculture Sector

Agriculture is the main occupation of multiple. In fact, industries have improving a lot mostly based on local agriculture countries for advancing their economies. But if we have a glance over the agriculture sectors, then we can observe the lack of several equipment’s. Their production is low. The majority of our formers are poor and they often live in a hand to mouth position. Most of them are always under heavy birders of debts. So, to lack of capital they cannot afford to purchase modern scientific implements, chemicals and etc. to improve their types of seeds, thus this can cause backwardness for the countries and the inhabitants too. Further, lack of fertile land, lack of fertilizer and good environment plus atmosphere, can cause foal effects, on the economy and the country possess to be the victim of backwardness.As a result, the authorities requires to pay head on these issues and explore their remedies.

By Murwarid Haider Ali

Balochistan Pakistan


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