China Pakistan Ties

China Pakistan Ties

As we know that China and Pakistan are well-know each other and have a great import and export of things. Pakistan has its own ability to share and China too. But the central points which is not common is that when Pakistan shares its things to China, she takes at a rate which is suitable but Pakistan is not in the same concept because she takes the complex machinery and Factory which there is no any such a rate for this to be swelled by everyone who can afford. Now the ties between China and Pakistan are great enough after introducing the CPES as one of the major projects. Whenever, a combat took place to Pakistan with India in 1965, 1971 and in 1999, China extended full support to Pakistan. Moreover, several crisis has been faced by Pakistan but Chain also supported in a nicer way. A time came to Kashmir when the crisis of Indo Pak was totally corrupt. China involved a hand of her in a brilliant way to calm the countries. The correction of the country by China took in shapes of projects, nuclear power plant, Karakorum highway PEC Gwadar port etc. China was helped too by Pakistan in terms of supporting in attending the membership of the UNO. Thus, they are near and neighbor to be helpful for each other and support the Muslim as well.

Sunger Ahmad

Balochistan Pakistan

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